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Louisiana Christian Rodeo Productions is a non-profit organization outreach for the purpose of allowing Christian Youth, and Adults the opportunity to compete in an all Christian based rodeo. Each contestant is encouraged to invite non-Christian friends to experience a Godly presence with the hope of receiving Christ.

Louisiana Christian Rodeo Productions

Louisiana Christian Rodeo is a popular activity in many parts of the United States as it is in Europe. It need not be restricted to bulls as it can also be enjoyed on horses and other similar animals. It is a great feat to be a Louisiana Christian rodeo athlete or enthusiast as there are many facets to the activity.

A lot of different rodeo gear is required to make the sport an enjoyable one. Shopping for the respective pieces of rodeo gear can be as exhilarating as the sport itself. Many view it as a sport which requires a lot of skills and knowledge rather than just a hobby. It certainly is not a simple run-of-the-mill activity or hobby that anyone can indulge in.


To have a full and satisfying Louisiana Christian rodeo experience, the individual must be prepared to go all out on the knowledge, skills and rodeo gear. It can be quite a dangerous sport if novices were to jump onto the bandwagon without prior knowledge and sufficient training.

Months of training on a simulator is usually required to acquire the proper skills in handling the 'beast' in the actual activity. Many bulls and horses used in rodeo sports are quite wild. It is usually a hell of a ride to those who want their adrenalin pumping for a few minutes.

To be safe while indulging a rodeo activity, the right rodeo gear must be put on. However, the skills and knowledge must be in place beforehand to be able to handle the beast and the gear which may be cumbersome to those who are not well trained in them or familiar with their benefits.

Range of products

Louisiana Christian Rodeo Productions

There are many types of gear which one can get their hands on to enjoy the rodeo activity. Rodeo gear includes a variety of supplies like bull riding gear, saddle bronc pieces and ropes, bareback riding equipment, cowboy hats and boots. Others include gear bags, youth rodeo equipment, used gear and stock contractor gear. There are many types of appropriate gear for the different type of rodeo users.

These are available from many established companies which manufacture these products. There are many varieties and prices depending the style and design. It is now very convenient to purchase any preferred rodeo gear as they can now be obtained from online sites besides the retail stores.

The events in a modern professional rodeo can be divided up into two categories; rough stock events and timed events. The major rodeo events are:

Rough Stock Rodeo Events:

Bronc riding – perhaps one of the most iconic of the rodeo events. Riders try to stay on the horse for 8 seconds. They are not allowed to touch the horse with their free hand. A maximum of 50 points is given to both the rider and the horse. Both scores are added up for the total with scores in the 80 point range being very good and scores in the 90s being outstanding. Bronc riding is further divided into bareback bronc riding and saddle bronc riding.

Bull riding – essentially the same concept as bronc riding, but due to the size and unpredictability of the animal, bull riding is considerably more dangerous.

Timed Rodeo Events:

Louisiana Christian Rodeo Productions

Calf roping – rodeo's oldest timed event, a cowboy chases after a calf, throws a lariat or lasso around the calf's neck, dismounts, throws the calf to the ground and then ties 3 of it's 4 feet together.

Breakaway roping – a type of roping where the calf is not thrown to the ground and tied. Instead, a very short rope with a flag attached is tied to the saddle. Once the calf is roped, the horse stops and the rope "breaks away" from the saddle.

Team roping – this involves two people lassoing and restraining a full sized steer. One person will lasso the horns while the other lassos the legs. The riders work together so the steer will lose balance and lie down.

Barrel racing – an event based on speed and agility. Barrels are set up in a cloverleaf pattern. Riders will gallop around them as quickly and gracefully as possible without knocking them over. At most levels of rodeo this is a women's event.

Steer wrestling – much like it sounds, a rider will jump off his horse, grab a running steer by their horns and attempt to wrestle them to the ground. Most likely the most dangerous event in the entire rodeo.

Goat tying – a rider approaches a tethered goat, jumps off and, similar to calf roping, throws the goat to the ground and ties 3 of its feet together. Intended for younger participants to gain skills associated with calf roping, it is not part of the actual rodeo competition.

Although not part of the competition itself, many rodeos begin with a Grand Entry where riders carrying various flags and banners enter the arena with the playing of the national anthem to follow. Variety acts, including musicians or trick riders, may take part in the rodeo also.

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